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Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges of our generation - we spend 9.3% of our total productivity on maintaining health and fighting disease, and this number is growing. Yet, the gap between the healthcare that could be, and the healthcare that actually exist in the real world today is wide.

We believe that the structure of healthcare delivery will nec- essarily go through a major and disruptive metamorphosis and that this change will require a constellation where busi- ness leaders and technology innovators, research scientist and medical doctors, come together speaking a common language.

Our vision is to setting up „company builder“ platforms asso- ciated with university hospitals to successfully face tomorrow‘s challenges. In the "company builder" interdisciplinary teams work on and transform a business idea into a real world prod- uct. Each team working on a pre-selected idea gets 25.000 € during the 100 day acceleration program. The teams will be supported by software developers, legal experts, marketing experts, etc. as shared resources.

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