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The Key Elements

The Medical Innovations Incubator is a "Company Builder". Our purpose is to facilitate the disruptive innovations that healthcare must undergo, through the creation of low-cost enabling technologies, the development of innovative lean business models, and the emergence of new value networks.

We do this by bringing together researchers, academics and entrepreneurs; not to talk about the future, but to work together to create the technologies and businesses that will make up the future. The teams get a seed-investment of 25.000 € and work on new business models and disruptive technologies.

To realize this, together with our university and hospital partners we offer a 100 day acceleration program. At the end of the program the further developed business ideas and R&D-concepts are presented to investors.


Key elements are:

  • Clayton Christensen’s research at Harvard on how to build Disruptive Innovations
  • Steve Blank’s Curriculum from Stanford and NIH, the Lean Launchpad for Lifescience & Healthcare
  • Working with clinician scientists from the University Hospi- tal to solve real-world Problems
  • A pool of pre-selected high-potential start-up ideas with seed-funding
  • Demo Day after 100 days to investors and industry: every participant has the chance to become an Entrepreneur in their self-made start-up!

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Medical Innovations Incubator GmbH
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